Saturday, July 17, 2010

Krockotopia is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Krockotopia!!!!!!!!!! I'm close to beating the Pyrimad of fire. I can't wait till I get to the Balance School! I have become level 18 since I wrote on this blog. Any one who is in Krockotopia should love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My STINKEY dorm.

This is my dorm witch stinkes:

That's it ( that's why it stinkes).

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More players!!!

My brother( William Dragonthorn) play's to. He is a Level 33 Myth wizard and also has a blog called Mythical Magic. My dad play's to but not much because he has only played once!

My Mount

I have a Meomadon Mount and It is AWSOME! It gives you pluse 35% speed and if you buy it(it's for crowns) , the money goes to charity(easy to talk your parent's into it)! IT'S AWSOME!

Here it is:

Sorry, it's the best I could do.


I am Quinn Earthbreaker, .................. I'm up there.
I am a level 11 Sorcerer(Balance school) and My side school is Myth.
........ By the way.... I LOVE...... WELL DUH! WIZARD101!